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“Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.”  – Unknown

logo-silent-voices-foundation-350hSilent Voices® Foundation

Silent Voices® Foundation is a nonprofit organization to help bring awareness to Schizophrenia and mental illness. I started this foundation based off my book called Silent Voices®, which is a true story about my family’s journey with my brother who was diagnosed with Acute Schizophrenia. I write about the hardships that my family and I endured in dealing with my brother’s mental illness. Unfortunately, due to lack of medical help and no halfway homes for my brother to live, my family had to deal with a terrible family tragedy.

After my family’s tragedy, I always knew I had to do something positive from this terrible event. After witnessing the struggles my parents went through not being able to get help for my brother, I knew there had to be some changes and I needed to do something to bring awareness to this issue.

Many persons endure great hardships when a close relative or family member is diagnosed with mental illness. Unfortunately, many times, there are a lack of available medical assistance, affordable medications, no halfway homes and affordable facilities within the community to provide assistance. There is also a lack of coping skill programs for families to understand and support the illness.

Mental illness statistics are disturbing. 1 out 4 people (more than 25% of the world population) will suffer with mental illness sometime in their life. Worldwide that is 1.75 billion people. Currently, that is 450 million people at one given moment.

There are more people who suffer with mental illness than cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, MD and MD.

In regards to Schizophrenia, 1 out 100 people suffers with Schizophrenia. Worldwide, that is 51 million people and 2.7 million in the U.S.

Unfortunately, mental illness still has a bad social stigma; and tends to be the most ignored diseases. Medical help and facilities in a lot of our states are still 30 years behind.

We wonder why we see so many tragic stories in our News stories today. We need to address the “mental illness” and find ways to help families get the medicines or help that they need. We need to try to save lives and not talk about it after the fact!

The goal for my foundation is to raise money to help support counseling and programs for families; supports halfway homes around Colorado and to support research for finding cures for Schizophrenia.

Please help me make a difference and bring awareness to the issues of mental illness.

With love,

Groups, Charities and Research I support

There are many wonderful organizations that support mental illness and research. I appreciate these organizations and would like to support them:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Colorado (NAMI)

Mental Health America

National Institute of Mental Health


Brain & Behavior Research Institute

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Who am I?

I am just an average American girl who lived through a family tragedy that changed my life forever. I decided that I needed to make a negative situation into a positive life experience. I believe all experiences good or bad give you character and wisdom. So, I am here to share my experiences in hoping that I will help some one else in there
time of need.